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WeChat Pay is an online payment platform offered by the Chinese social media application WeChat. Users can complete payments on their mobile devices quickly, conveniently and securely by linking their bank account to the application.

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In 2016, WeChat Pay’s transaction volume exceeded $500 billion US dollars.

In 2016, there were on average over 800 million active WeChat users every month.

In 2016, China’s cross-border e-commerce transaction volume amounted to 5.4 trillion RMB.

From 2015 to 2016 over 170,000 Chinese students from China studied in Australia, with a total spending of $6 billion Australian dollars, concentrated in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

From 2015 to 2016 over 1 million Chinese tourists spent $8.9 billion Australian dollars in Australia.

Why choose WeChat payment

1、WeChat Pay vs cash & card


2、How WeChat Pay links with banks

  • With 31 savings cards: includes all major banks in China
  • With 20 credit cards: covers Top 10 most commonly issued credit cards
  • 3 major international organizations: Visa/MasterCard/JCB

1、WeChat Pay Security Assurance

Channel encyption

WeChat, TenPay and banks use encrypted channels to safeguard data security.

Quota control

WeChat Pay imposes quota limits, with different merchants having different quota controls.


Pages in WeChat are monitored by the company and non-whitelisted pages with input behaviour are reported to the authorities.

Equipment protection

Mobile phone equipment locks and WeChat Pay encryption ensures card usage security.

Risk monitoring

The processing of abnormal and risky payments is prevented thorough analysis of user payment behaviour.

How to make payments using WeChat Pay

Payment via official account

provides a foundation for secondary marketing
data source for company’s CRM
important methods for future operations

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Payment via app

supports company’s own app, maintaining a close-looped money flow
user returns to company’s app after payment, keeping continuity in the customer’s experience
ensures transaction security

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Payment via scanning merchant’s QR code

flexible option, since there is no need for special equipment
screen and printed barcode is all that is needed to begin scanning

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Payment via scanning customer’s QR code

QR code is displayed on payer’s mobile device
payment is processed more quickly
allows for self-serve fee payment

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Four modes of payment

1、Paying using merchant’s fixed QR code

  • Customer scans QR code using WeChat

  • Customer inputs payment sum, e.g. $0.10 AUD, equivalent to ¥0.53 RMB at time of exchange

  • Customer enters payment password and RMB is automatically deducted from the customer’s account

  • Payment is complete, and both the customer and merchant receive reminder notifications

2、Paying using WeChat Pay on a web page

  • Customer selects desired purchase in-store

  • During payment, customer selects “WeChat Pay”

  • Merchant’s payment QR code is displayed, customer scans it using WeChat, and the payment is complete

3、Paying using a point of sale terminal

  • Merchant enters amount to be charged in an OmiPay point of sale terminal

  • Merchant selects “WeChat Pay”

  • Merchant scans customer’s WeChat QR code

  • System automatically deducts RMB from the customer’s account according to the current exchange rate, payment is complete and terminal prints out a receipt

4、ashier system for retail terminals (no need to change ERP system)

  • Merchant confirms amount to be charged on point of sale terminal

  • Merchant uses barcode scanner to scan customer’s WeChat or Alipay payment code. Software automatically identifies payment code;Software automatically identifies amount to be charged by the point of sale system ;Payment field is displayed

  • Click to confirm receipt, and payment is complete

5、Paying with QR code printed on receipt (no need to change ERP system)

  • Cashier installs OmiPay plug-in

  • Customer scans QR code

  • Customer enters password

  • Payment is complete

Receiving overseas payments with WeChat Pay

1、Transaction process

As China’s leading online payment platform, WeChat Pay is licensed by the People’s Bank of China to receive payments in RMB and settle overseas transactions in foreign currencies, making the process for merchants and consumes a fast and convenient one.

2、Receiving overseas payments

After the consumer uses RMB to make a purchase on an international website or at a physical store overseas via WeChat Pay, the platform draws the payment immediately from the consumer’s bank account. WeChat Pay then completes the payment or exchange through the cooperating bank and processes the settlement with the bank acount of the overseas merchant.

The following overseas payment methods are available: QR code scanning, official account payment, scanned payment and application payment (in development).

Payment currencies: 10, including Great Britain Pound (GBP), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), United States Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Euro (EUR), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), South Korean Won (KRW) and Thai Baht (THB).

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